Yoga for Neck Pain

by | Yoga for Healing

Alright guys. Neck pain today. 🙂 In the video above I show an awesome sequence to release tension but I know some of you geek out on the details of the WHY like I do. So let’s discuss…

In order to understand neck pain and how it can refer to the neck and shoulders…we need to understand the anatomy around it.

Our spine has bones called vertebrae that protect our spinal cord. The spinal cord extends from the brain…down the spinal column to the peripheral (outer) nerves that go all the way down to the fingertips and toes.

The neck or cervical vertebrae consist of 7 bones with a specific alignment relative to the function of the neck. We need to be able to look up towards the sky and rotate fully to see around us.

Therefore the cervical bones align in the best way to achieve this. The skull and 1st cervical vertebrae help us look up and down while the 1st and 2nd align uniquely to allow us to rotate the head side to side.

The muscles that connect these 3 bones are called the suboccipitals. If we’re not mindful of our posture and slouch during the day…this can lead to a restriction of these muscles.

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Sometimes this compresses the nerve roots that exit around these areas which can then lead to pain and/or irritation along that nerve. Since the nerve roots from the neck innervate down into the hands, we may experience symptoms into the shoulders or as far as the fingertips.

Therefore, in this video we gear the exercises to realign and balance to support a healthy cervical spine. That means lengthening the posterior neck muscles, strengthening the front deep neck flexors, and retraining optimal movement patterns.

Try it out and let me know what you think below!

Light and love,


Note:  As always, please do not substitute this information for a proper medical evaluation. While I am a licensed healthcare provider, I am not able to fully access and treat your condition without evaluating you first. The information above is based on generalizations from my experience.  Always listen to your body and seek proper care with your Physical Therapist when needed. You can search for one in your area at the link provided here